Quality residential and commercial fence installation in Southern Tasmania

Whether you need a residential or commercial fence installation, we can design your fencing solution to your preferred style, taste, and budget. You will find our designs to be stylish and attractive, whilst also being practical to perform the job you need them for throughout Southern Tasmania. Everything can be adapted to suit your needs.

We specialise in the installation of:

  • Screen fencing
  • Security fencing
  • Paling fencing


  • Colorbond fencing
  • Rural fencing
  • Picket fencing
Fence installation in Southern Tasmania

Home, garden and pool

Keep your home private with a quality fence installation from Kayes Fencing. With some careful planning and design, a fence can only enhance your beautiful property, defining the boundaries and making the grounds neat and tidy. We have fences specifically designed to increase security and privacy while still remaining attractive. We put safety first because we know that backyard pools and children, pets, or other non-swimmers don’t mix. They may be great for hot days and parties, but they can be dangerous, too. A safety fence is absolutely essential if you have a pool.

Fence installation in Southern Tasmania

Commercial and industrial

Kayes Fencing is the company to call for commercial and industrial fencing installation in Southern Tasmania. We have the ability and the experience to complete fence installations in all kinds of settings, from small domestic properties, up to large industrial and commercial projects. We have an extensive range of products available to keep your premises and the public safe. Suitable for factories, schools, building sites, prisons, sporting venues, and even animal enclosures.

Our work is guaranteed

Kayes Fencing can install a wide variety of different types of fences, and we always use top quality products which are durable, tough, safe, and reliable. Coupled with our high standards of service and workmanship, this allows us to guarantee every single job that we do.

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